Phil and Amit

Although a new company, not only is Spinoff Digital owned and run by Phil Knight and Amit Sethi who have worked together since 2003, but they have brought together a team of designers, programmers and support staff who have all worked with each other for many years.

An integral part of the team is Vibe Tech India which has been the dedicated programming house for the companies Phil and Amit have worked for since 2007. They now work exclusively for Spinoff Digital. Founded and managed by Amit’s brother, Ankit Sethi, Vibe Tech offers a high level of programming and associated services Spinoff Digital in turn offer to you with the confidence of many years of successful collaboration.

A select number of strategic partners have joined Spinoff Digital offering services in associated fields. Once again these are companies Phil and Amit have had a long standing professional relationship with and are pleased to promote their services.

These long standing connections provide the solid base for Spinoff Digital to produce the high quality work our clients expect.

The Spinoff Digital team has developed hundreds of websites, a range of apps and backend software including CRMs, inventory systems, administration systems and specialised one off industry specific software.

Phil and Amit