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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Defined
Phil Knight | 22 January 2018
What is search engine optimisation? Search engine optimisation, commonly abbreviated to SEO, is promoting a website on search engines so the website displays as high up in the search results as possible. The different types of SEO SEO can be broadly divided into three types: Organic SEO – also sometimes called natural or earned SEO. This is when a website has coding (for want of a better word) applied to it to give it the best possible chance to appear high on search results. This could include the following but this is not a definitive list by far: HTML tags such as title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags. Adding informative text to the site divided amongst the pages on the site. Coding the navigation in text and not as images. Adding google Analytics to the site. Creating a site map and indexing it to Google. Ensuring the site code is clean. And lots more. Sponsored links This is when the website owners have paid to have their website display in the search results for selected
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What is a digital footprint?
Phil Knight | 18 January 2018
A digital footprint is the information about a particular person or business on the Internet as a result of their online activity. Everything you do on the Internet leaves a digital footprint and each of these is stored and adds up to your overall digital footprint. This can be further defined by meaning the various representations you have on the Internet and the activity you perform within each representation. Your representations could include your website, your social media accounts, blog etc. then how often you perform an activity within each of these. For example the number of times you post on Facebook and even down to what you post e.g. reposting or original content. Personal vs business footprint As a business it is also important to consider the personal digital footprint of you and your staff. This not only includes activity on social media accounts but also the websites visited. Is your digital footprint important? Well yes it is. The larger your digital footprint the bette
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What Is Digital Marketing?
Phil Knight | 15 January 2018
Putting it simply, digital marketing is taking marketing online. But of course it is rare something can be that simple and digital marketing is one of those instances where it can be complicated so make sure you choose your digital marketing partner carefully. Digital marketing should be approached methodically. Digital Marketing Strategy. The first step is to discover your digital marketing strategy which is the what can be done phase and the first of this is a fact finding mission where your digital marketing partner meets with you to discover everything about your business including your marketing goals. You may not even know what these are yourself so this is a good way to help you crystallise your thoughts. If you don’t have a plan of what you want to achieve there is little chance you will achieve it. At this first meeting you should get a good idea of the different digital tools which are at your disposal. These would include such things as posting on social media channels, soci
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What’s In A Name
Phil Knight | 07 January 2018
What’s in a domain name to be precise. After you have decided to set up a website the next thing you need to do is buy a domain name. This can be harder than you might think as finding one which is available can be difficult especially if you want it to match a business name. So how do you find if a name is available. There are a large number of sites where you can both search for name availability and where you can then buy the name. Many would recommend buying a name from an Australian site as they are more contactable if you need customer support but most sites have good email support. Once you have decided on the domain name site you can start entering names to see if they are available. Generally speaking it is recommended you buy the version of the name and the .com if it is available. You could also buy the and the .net if you wish but it is not imperative. If the name is long or could be easily misspelt then buy some spelling variations and some abbreviations ju
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The Internet of Things or IoT
Phil Knight | 03 January 2018
What is the IoT? The Internet of Things simply put relates to common everyday devices such as home appliances, cars even some children’s toys which have network connectivity, over the Net, through embedded electronics, software, sensors and so on. In other words they can talk to each other and to other applications on the Net. Pretty clever? Well yes and no. Should we be wary of the IoT. Not even George Orwell in his novel 1984 could have come up with something quite this sinister when he coined the term ‘big brother is watching you’. Even if we had no concerns about large corporations listening in on everything we do, (what we are saying, where we are going, what we are buying) there is always the concern these devices could be hacked and our activities highjacked by the criminal element which is ever too present on the Net. Fantasy you might think but not when you consider many of these devices have cameras, location services and data collecting capacity not to mention remote control
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