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phone apps

To app or not to app, that is the question but once you have a good reason to create an app there are a lot of upsides for your business.

An app should have a purpose over and above just being a replication of what is on your website or should serve a purpose for a set period of time when having easy access to your business makes having an app loaded to a phone or tablet screen practical.

This is because an app is more permanent than a website. If a user navigates to a website on a mobile device they can easily navigate away from it but an app loaded to the device is there until deleted.

Businesses can develop apps for specific aspects of their businesses, as additions to their websites or highlighting parts of their business offerings such as a booking or ordering system or a notification device for example.

But then of course there is the vexed question, do you build an iOS app (Apple) or an Android app or even a Windows app or perhaps all three? Mmmmm, sounds expensive and it can be. Well at Spinoff Digital we have a solution to that problem so why not give us a call on 9240 4576 or complete the form on the connect page of this website and we will be in touch.