Spinoff Digital now offers a service to manage your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; posting regular, relevant material for your business at a reasonable cost!

The Importance of Social Media

Social Media increases your agency digital footprint. The digital footprint is made up of all the different representations of your agency on the Internet. This includes: your website, your blog and your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

The digital footprint is also made up of how much information there is about your business on the various Internet channels mentioned above. For example, if you have a Facebook page the more you post the more you are putting your business brand out on the Internet so the greater chance you have of being found by Google.

The public in general become more Internet savvy every day and can evaluate your digital footprint quite easily. Prospective clients are taking this into account when deciding if they want to choose your business.

But, the biggest problem for a busy business is finding the time to post information often and regularly as well as knowing what is the correct information to post. If you have a social media account and do not post often or consistently enough or even post the wrong information the social media account is doing your digital footprint harm.

This is where Spinoff Digital comes in offering management of your social media for you.

  • Spinoff Digital offers two Social Media Management packages as described below
  • Posts are sourced via Google News alerts amongst other sources
  • The service is offered on a month by month basis with no lock in contract
  • All prices quoted include GST

Social Media Package - Option 1 Cost = $550/month

  • Posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Three weekly share of business related topics.
  • Three weekly share of suburb related topics for suburbs nominated by you.
Social Media Package - Option 2 Cost = $850/month

  • Posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Four weekly share of business related topics
  • Three weekly share of suburb related topics for suburbs nominated by you
  • Two monthly share of Census data for core area
  • One monthly custom article written for your business